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Size:29 Gallon
Detailed Tank Information
We have had our tank set up for about a month now. We are new to the saltwater hobby, so we take any advice we can get! So far everything is working out pretty good!
Tank Inhabitants
PictureTypeNameSci. NameAge
Fish2 Oscellaris Clowns12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Invertebrate1 Cleaner Shrimp12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Invertebrate2 Peppermint Shrimp12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Invertebrate1 Sandsifting Starfish12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Invertebrate6 Hermit Crabs12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Other1 emerald Crab12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Other6 Nassarius Snails12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Other3 Turbo Snails12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Other3 Feather Dusters12 Yr 8 mo
SoftieHairy Mushroom Rock12 Yr 8 mo
[[No Picture]]Softie1 Pink Leather12 Yr 8 mo
Zoanthid1 Large Zoo Rock12 Yr 8 mo
Zoanthid2 small Zoo frags12 Yr 8 mo
Tank Equipment
There is no equipment listed for this tank.
Tank History

There is no history entered for this tank.
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